The coronavirus has come to the island and currently we are in lockdown with most everything closed. This has made it very difficult for local families in the different island communities to get food and household supplies. Tourisim has also been halted with all of the hotels and resorts closed. The hardships that come with this lockdown and others that are likely to follow will be felt by many in St. Lucia.

For anyone who has been to St. Lucia as a visitor in the past or for any of our future guests, we'd like to ask for your help now. Please join our mission so that we can provide resources and much needed aid to as many as we can reach in local communities. We’ll soon be shipping down as many shelf-stable food items, medical supplies, infant and baby supplies, and other household items that are desperately needed. We will be sending everything as quickly as possible to benefit some of the hardest hit communities on the island. 

Your donation will greatly help St. Lucia, We Care! in our efforts to purchase, ship, and distribute food and supplies to those who are most affected. Time is of the essence so anything you can contribute would allow us to start our operations of acquiring goods and shipping them as quickly as possible. Your support will greatly help us give back something for so many of us who have been able to enjoy the island over the years. This is a grassroots, all volunteer operation and every dollar you donate will be used for these efforts.

Donate at GoFundMe today!

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